This year fashion week hijab style and abaya designs are the new fashion trend!

Arab fashion week new fashion celebration for the Arab world, this year show will be shine with abaya designs and hijab style. This year show will be highlighted with Islamic clothing. The prime show sponsors want to show case the muslim wedding dress. The show marketing team wanted, instead of promoting as a muslim fashion it should be more in to Islamic dress designs. The show branded as “Hijab style” also know it as “Hijab style 2018”. The fashion show and the event management team want to add year in to show name Hijab style, so the show brand name will be same every year and only the year will change. Next year the abaya designs show be known as Hijab Style 2019. The Arabic show will be an exclusive presentation of muslim fashions. 

The Dubai Arab fashion show has been covering new fashion trends in Islamic clothing, abaya designs, hijab styles, Arabic clothing, Islamic dress, new muslim fashion, traditional muslim clothing, muslim wedding dress, arab wedding accessories etc.   

The fashion designers from Qatar will not be participating this year Arab fashion show in Dubai. The gulf blocked prevent the Qatar fashion designers to display their creatives in the show “Hajab Style 2018”. Qatar designers are known for the news hijab fashion and style.

This year the show “Hijab style 2018” will have the upper lift of Egypt and Turkey style of Arabic designs. Egypt hijab styles are world famous in the Arabic fashion designs. The Egypt designers are always come out with new trend in hijab style and fashion. Easy hijab style is the bench mark of the Egypt designers; they are one find the hijab style step by step wearing mode to make design simple in it. Hijab style with niqab will new for this year Dubai fashion show, hijab style for school student’s designs is will a new creative this year by Egypt designers. In 2017 Dubai fashion show was attracted with hijab style with niqab.

Jilbab and Turkey arab fashion designs. 

Abaya and jilbab designs are the masterpiece by Turkey designers in the Dubai fashion show “Hajab Style 2018”. The Thurkey Jilbab designs are worldwide famous in the muslim community for their wedding dress. Thurkey Jibab designs are exported to UK and USA as well. Jibab is a kind of muslim fashion dress and its colourful by its look. Dubai Hajab Style 2018 will be a show case of Turkey Jibab and Abaya designs. The fashion world is started accepting Islamic clothing style is the part of fashion designs. The Turkey Jilbab and hijab styles are introduced in Paris fashion week in 2010 and the Jibab and Hijab designs are made notice by worldwide media. International fashion medias admired the Arab designs.

Hijab Style 2018 Arab fashion week at Dubai.

Hijab style Arab fashion show is a big fashion event for the fashion designers as well as the fashion brands. The Islamic clothing companies are always behind the show to build their brands in the muslim fashion community. Jilbab and Hijab is their main products to sell the muslim fashion followers. The Hijab style fashion week was originated in Bahrain at 2005, Visuals a local advertising and marketing company come out with an idea of Islamic fashion show for a fashion retailer client. And the show introduced Hijab and abaya dress to the fashion world. But that was end up with in one year and very next year the show re launched in Dubai as Arab fashion week and now its rebranded as “Hijab Style 2018” 

Hijab Style 2018 will be the portfolio show case of the Arab fashion designers from worldwide. Abaya, Jilbab, Hijab, Kaftan and muslim wedding dress are the main designs attractions at the Hijab Style 2018 show.

The Arab fashion show was invented by an Indian creative director Mr. Sunil kumar at Bahrain, and later Its started in Dubai in big scale. The big support of multinational fashion brands for the arab fashion show open a success path for it. After the launch of Arab fashion show in Dubai, the traditional dress of abaya, kaftan, jilbab and hijab had come up with new style and designs. The Arab world accepted the changes in their traditional dress with both hand. It was a new fashion experience for the women in the Arab world. The local retailers also shifted their fashion trend and forced to change their dress stock to the new Arab dress and clothing designs.  

Hijab Style 2018 is crossing the UAE border.

Organizer of Hijab Style 2018 is planning to launch in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia by this year, the fashion show organizer signed contract with event management companies in that country’s. Most of the Arab fashion designers are welcomed the expansion of Hijab Style 20018. Each country the show will be re-branded with the country name; like Bahrain the show will be marketed as Bahrain – Hijab Style 2018 respectively Kuwait - Hijab Style 2018, Oman - Hijab Style 2018 and Saudi - Hijab Style 2018. The exclusive overage of media right agreement is signed with news plus usa for next five years. News plus will handle the PR and media until Hijab Style 2022.   

Hijab Style fashion show will be launching very soon in India, according to the show management team, India is huge market for the new design trends in Abaya, Jilbab, Hijab and Kaftan. First Hijab Style show will be launch in Mumbai by next year. The show will be focus on muslim wedding dress and new trends in Arab fashion.